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Berwick, ME


205 School Street
Berwick, ME

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It's made by us. For you. 


Our Product: All Three Sister Supply pieces are one of a kind. So don't worry about having the same piece as your neighbor. Thats just not how we roll. From design and material selection, right down to hand stitching and stringing, we craft all of the pieces ourselves. We also care about the planet. All of our products are made in Maine, all of our paper products are made from recycled goods and when we are able we buy all of our materials locally. With your Three Sister Supply purchase, know that you supported an artist and the environment. 

Materials: All materials used by Three Sister Supply have been carefully forged, founded and selected. We use only the best because we stand by our products and you will too. 

  • Leather & Lace  - all leather and lace is selected from a U.S.A. supplier or locally in New England when possible.  
  • Fishing Line -  we choose the most durable stitching agent possible. Fishing line. Thanks Dad. 
  • Beads and Charms - all beads and charms have stories. All bracelets are unique and none will ever be strung the same way twice.
  • Linens - all linens are founded from local antique stores. Bringing new life into old treasures. 
  • Dyes & dying - all linens are hand dyed using the Japanese Shibori technique. This technique involves different choices of binding, folding, stitching, twisting and compressing as well as the characteristics of the material being dyed.