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A non-toxic all purpose disinfectant. A perfectly safe cleaning spray for your yoga mat.

While this spray was originally intended for your Yoga mat, we have since discovered so many other uses! They are in no way limited to the following:

  1. yoga mat sanitizer (duh)
  2. yoga bag/gym bag refresher and sanitizer
  3. over all mood lifting spray
  4. room spray
  5. counter spray
  6. spray the dog bed
  7. spray your car seats 
  8. give your pillows a quick mist before you lay down at night
  9. spray your loved ones, and any of their stinky belongings
  10. spritz your boss when you feel they (or you) need some harmony

Really the possibilities are endless people. Im sure you'll be able to think of many fantastic uses for this organic, totally natural, made right here in Maine NamaMist :)


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