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Berwick, ME

Marble Magic


Marble Magic

Whitney Grover

As I'm sure you have noticed I've become, lets say, a bit obsessed with all things marbled. My phone case is marbled, my laptop cover, my carry-on. Most recently I have been playing with the art of marble painting on canvas. Now this is super fun and I love the result, but I still want more. Today I'm taking it one step further, and I've roped mom into helping! We are going to marble fabric. Our hopes are that this marbled fabric will grow up to become yoga mat bags, carry all totes and tiny clutches! ;)

The setting: Oak Street Gardens, aka the home of Mom and the TSS sisters childhood home. 

We have currently taken over the kitchen. Hello green tarps and sheets of plastic. For those who have done any sort of project with us before, cooking, indigo dying, painting, you know neatness is not a word in our vocabulary. And to top it off were clumsy. (insert monkey with hands over his eyes emoji here)

All our fabric pieces, already treated, waiting to be ironed. (First one mom went to iron she spilt coffee on, cue clumsiness)

Setting up our work area. Moments later while I was stirring the paints I dropped the open black container. It fell straight down, into its plastic dish thankfully, shooting a stream on black paint into the sky. The stream then rained down upon the counter and all the contents you see above. Clumsiness: 2  Mom and I: 0 (and I swear on Midas we only had one glass of wine)

Midas rolling his eyes at the insanity that surrounds him.

Now for the fun part! For the next couple hours we created marble designs in our trays. The great thing about marbling is there is no right or wrong, no one can tell when you messed up, your free to create any sort of pattern your heart desires. 

A glimpse of what my paint design looked like before I laid in the fabric. The colors and swirls are so mesmerizing. 

Here the fabric is soaking up the paint design. 

Some of our finished pieces drying!!

Now for a couple of our finished pieces!! Not bad for our first time :)

While watching many uTube videos on marbling techniques I came across Suminagashi (墨 流 し) or "floating ink". Suminagashi is the Japanese process of marbling with water and ink. I love the patterns this technique creates. The final result looks like tree rings, or the ripples the ocean leaves on the sand as the tide recedes. 

I would say our first time was a success! We still have loads to learn and things we want to tweak. Stay tuned for the final product! 


xoxo Jessica