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Kindred Souls and Apples


Kindred Souls and Apples

Whitney Grover

In life there are people you are destine to meet. People who share your interests, hobbies, views, passions and dreams. Its as if pieces of your soul fluttered over to them and pieces of theirs came to you. Your riding the same wavelength. 

We met Stephanie by chance one morning while we on a yoga weekend in York, Beach. Quite coincidently we decided to take an early morning yoga class at Three Bridges Yoga. Stephanie was the instructor. As we were registering, filling in our address, she gives us a funny look. 'Hey thats my address' she exclaims. In our heads were thinking oh gosh this girl is crazy. We explain no love, we live there, but discover that she lives across the street, and had moved in a month before we did! Of course this gets us talking, we take the class, which was wonderful, and we continue to talk more. We're in love. She is fabulous! Everything you could ever hope for in a neighbor, and we were so excited to have a new friend.

Now that you have the backstory on the meeting of our long lost Seastar we can tell you about her orchard oasis. Stephanie lives in the most beautiful old farm house with a glorious, enormous white barn. Behind this 18th century gem is an apple orchard. Big, old, knotty trees, exploding with apples, These trees are so weighted with apples their branches drag the ground. Different heirloom varieties, different tastes, different shapes and sizes. And the smell, crisp, rich, apple scents float through the air. Her orchard however is not limited to delicious apples, there are peach trees, plum trees and a gorgeous cherry tree. (perfect for making boozy cherries, but more on that later!)

Now Stephanie was kind enough to invite us to come pick apples! Of course we said yes! What is more fall then apple picking? Visions of apple pie flashed in our minds. 

It was the prefect fall day. The sun was warm and casted a golden glow over everything it touched. Basket and cauldron (pretty awesome, right?) in hand we grabbed Nick and ran across the street. 

We love apples! Yummy, yummy. 

The three of us picked until our buckets were over flowing. It was a wonderful day, filled with laughter, sunshine, of course apples, and maybe one or two Three Sister Supply photo ops. (Because we always have time for a photoshoot!) - Xo Jessica and Whitney